Welcome Kit

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. You are part of a vibrant group of communicators around campus who are vital to telling the university’s story well.

At University Communications, we have developed this Welcome Kit to help you plug in to existing resources around campus and get you started on the right track. This is not an exhaustive onboarding document, but it can help you connect with the people who can support and assist you in your new role.

Connect with a University Communications staff member

We recommend identifying a contact within our office who can help answer questions and be your liaison when working with us. Visit our staff page to look for somebody who matches your role. Unsure who to contact? Email any of us or contact-us@uc.wisc.edu and we will find a good partner for you to connect with.

Connect with other communicators in your orbit

Many colleges, schools, institutes, departments and programs have news offices and communications teams who can also serve as valuable resources for you. Your liaison in University Communications can help you identify other colleagues to connect with.

Join a communicators group

We help organize a handful of professional development groups on campus dedicated to communications, such as Campus Communicators, Research Communicators and #UWSocial.  Access the list here and join the group or groups that most interest you. Members share relevant information, help one another solve problems, and meet in person to make connections between communicators across campus.

Familiarize yourself with our resources

We provide a number of resources that can help you perform your role effectively, from our large photo library to brand information and tips for promoting your campus event. Visit our resources and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

In addition to the resources on this site, consider bookmarking these additional sources of information:

  • Clipsheet is updated daily with the latest media mentions about the university.
  • Our Points of Pride (PDF) includes quick numbers about UW–Madison’s strengths.
  • The Data Digest goes in-depth on key numbers about the university’s students, staff, faculty and budget.
  • Blank’s Slate provides the latest on Chancellor Rebecca Blank’s priorities and initiatives.

Stay up to date on campus news

You can subscribe to the university’s press releases here, which is a great way to stay informed about campus in between issues of Inside UW. Our office serves as the primary clearinghouse for sharing campus stories with the wider world; be sure to let your University Communications liaison know about good stories coming from your corner of campus.