NPR's David Folkenflik, 2018 Journalist in Residence

Journalist in Residence Programs Save

For more than 30 years, UW-Madison’s Journalist in Residence programs have offered the world’s top journalists an opportunity to share their expertise, engage with the campus community, and collaborate with university scholars.

The university offers residency programs in Science, Public Affairs, Business, Journalism Ethics and Wisconsin. Visiting journalists spend approximately one week on campus, participating in public forums, and serving as a resource for students, faculty and staff.

The Journalist in Residence programs are sponsored by University Communications and campus partners, including the Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs, the Wisconsin School of Business and the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, with support from the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association.

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Residency Programs

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Public Affairs Journalist in Residence

The Public Affairs Journalist in Residence program hosts reporters with an in-depth approach to understanding the politics and implementation of issues such as poverty, health care, criminal justice and immigration. The program is co-sponsored by the Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs and University Communications.

Prior Public Affairs Journalists in Residence:

  • Ayesha Rascoe, NPR – Spring 2019
  • Eric Lipton, New York Times – Fall 2018
  • Matthew Yglesias, Vox Media – Spring 2018
  • Sarah Stillman, The New Yorker – Fall 2017
  • Yamiche Alcindor, New York Times – Spring 2017
  • David Weigel, Washington Post – Fall 2016
  • Jamelle Bouie, chief political correspondent, Slate – Spring 2016
  • Andy Katz, ESPN – Fall 2015
  • Robert Leger, Arizona Republic – Spring 2014
  • Riva Froymovich, Economist – Fall 2013
  • Carrie Johnson, National Public Radio – Spring 2013
  • Craig Gilbert, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Washington, D.C., bureau chief and national political reporter – Fall 2012
  • Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post – Spring 2012
  • Jeff Gottlieb, Los Angeles Times – Fall 2011
  • Lowell Bergman, Producer and Corespondent, Frontline – Spring 2011
  • Manuel Roig-Franzia, Washington Post – Fall 2010

Primary Program Contact:

Lisa Hildebrand

Science Journalist in Residence

UW-Madison’s Science Journalist in Residence program offers leading science writers the chance to interact with students and tap into the vast resources of one of the nation’s top research universities. The program is co-sponsored by University Communications and the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Prior Science Journalists in Residence:

  • Apoorva Mandavilli, Spectrum – Spring 2019
  • Laura Helmuth, Washington Post – Fall 2018
  • Justin Gillis, author, formerly New York Times – Spring 2018 
  • Ed Yong, the Atlantic; Liz Neeley, Story Collider – Fall 2017
  • Erik Vance, Author, Freelance (National Geographic, New York Times, Nature, Scientific American, Harper’s) – Spring 2017
  • Nadia Drake, National Geographic – Fall 2016
  • Alexandra Witze, Nature Magazine – Spring 2016
  • Soren Wheeler, Radio Lab – Fall 2015
  • Dan Vergano, BuzzFeed News – Spring 2015
  • Mark Johnson, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Fall 2014
  • Florence Williams, Freelance Writer and Author – Spring 2014
  • Maryn McKenna, Scientific American, Freelance – Spring 2013
  • Siri Carpenter, Discover Magazine – Fall 2013
  • David Dobbs, Freelance Writer and Author – Fall 2012

Primary Program Contact:

Terry Devitt

Business Journalist in Residence

The Business Journalist in Residence program connects reporters focusing on business and the economy with students and faculty in UW’s top-ranked business school. The program is co-sponsored by the Wisconsin School of Business and University Communications.

Previous Business Journalists in Residence:

  • Jonathan O’Connell, Washington Post – Spring 2019
  • David Brancaccio, Marketplace – Spring 2018
  • Yuki Noguchi, NPR – Spring 2017
  • Jennifer Reingold, Fortune – Fall 2015
  • Jason Zweig, Wall Street Journal – Spring 2015
  • Jean Chatzky, NBC-Today Show – Fall 2014
  • Melanie Hicken, CNN Money – Spring 2014
  • Jenny Rooney, Forbes – Fall 2013

Primary Program Contact:

Typhaine Morrison

Wisconsin Journalist in Residence

The Wisconsin Journalist in Residence program brings state journalists to campus to meet with faculty, staff and students, and to experience firsthand the state’s flagship university.

Previous Wisconsin Journalists in Residence:

  • Craig Gilbert, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Fall 2018
  • Charlie Sykes, former radio host – Fall 2017
  • Toya Washington, WISN – Spring 2015
  • Joel Christopher, Gannett Wisconsin Media – Spring 2014

Primary Program Contact:

John Lucas

Center for Journalism Ethics Journalist in Residence

The Center for Journalism Ethics, housed in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, provides an international hub for the examination of the role of professional and personal ethics in the pursuit of fair, accurate and principled journalism. The Center’s Journalist in Residence program brings nationally renowned journalists to campus to promote engagement with UW-Madison students and the public.

Previous Center for Journalism Ethics Journalists in Residence:

  • David Folkenflik, NPR – Fall 2018
  • Sarah Kliff, Vox – Fall 2017
  • Molly Ball, The Atlantic – Fall 2016

Primary Program Contact:

Kathleen Bartzen Culver
Director, Center for Journalism Ethics

Spring 2019 Journalists in Residence

Public Affairs Journalist in Residence
Ayesha Rascoe, National Public Radio
February 11 – 14, 2019

Science Journalist in Residence
Apoorva Mandavilli, Spectrum
April 2019

Business Journalist in Residence
Jonathan O’Connell, Washington Post
March 3 – 7, 2019

Journalist in Residence Public Events

  • TBD

This is a brilliant program and I'm delighted to have been part of it. Madison is an inspirational place, full of smart and engaged students. The researchers here are doing some of the most important science and other scholarship in the world, and the Writer in Residence program is a great way to help share that work.

Laura Helmuth, Science Journalist in Resident, 2018

About the Program

  • Journalists in Residence come to campus for four to six days. A typical schedule may include a Sunday arrival with a Friday departure.
  • The Journalist in Residence programs are offered during the fall and spring semesters. The exact timing of the visit is determined by the journalist in consultation with UW-Madison program organizers.
  • Schedules vary from day to day, and typically include visits to classrooms, one-on-one meetings with students, talks with faculty and staff, luncheons and dinners, interviews with local journalists and informal meetings with campus communicators. At least one public talk is scheduled during the week.
  • Time is built in for those journalists wishing to explore campus or meet with faculty and staff experts.
  • UW-Madison arranges travel, lodging and covers all meal expenses during the visit.
  • Journalists in Residence are provided an on-campus office during their stay.
  • A honorarium is provided to the Journalist in Residence.
  • Attend and actively engage with students during scheduled classroom visits. A schedule will be provided prior to your arrival.
  • Participate in lectures, meetings, meals, social activities and other events recommended by program organizers. Typically, one public lecture, presentation or panel discussion is scheduled during the week.

All Journalists in Residence are hand-selected by university faculty and staff. For additional information, please reach out to individual program contacts or contact University Communications.

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