About the New Photo Library

The new library is managed by University Communications’ photography team using Libris, a hosted, digital asset management service provided by PhotoShelter. Among many improvements, this new resource includes:

  • Ability for UW-Madison employees and students to login with their NetID, and have self-service permission to download low-and high-res versions of contemporary university photos at no cost for non-commercial use
  • Significantly improved and more robust search functions
  • Browseable galleries of topical themes and recently added photos
  • Users with NetID access have the ability to save images to a personalized lightbox with individual download permission

Changes from the legacy photo library

The legacy photo library served us well for many years but was not adaptable to changing campus needs. Below are several changes for users familiar with the old photo library.

  • Please note that the image file ID number from the previous photo library is not used in the new library. The legacy file ID numbers were unique to the old system, and are no longer active nor searchable by users or site administrators. The best way to resolve locating images in the new, self-serve system is to search for said content by image caption, keyword or specific filename, if known.
  • Dated subject matter and photos prior to 2007 were not migrated to the new system. The University Communications’ photo team continues to maintain an internal – but not online-searchable – archive of these earlier digital files, as well as physical negatives, slides and prints dating back to 1990.
  • For historical photos of UW-Madison and University Communications images prior to 1990, please visit UW Digital Collections.
  • Users are no longer able to save low-res files using drag and drop or save as functions. The new system uses the campus NetID login to track downloads.
  • Public access to and use of university photos has been limited.

Please email photos@uc.wisc.edu with any questions.